The NiPac™ and Chesapeake™ brands of Chesapeake Cartridge Corporation are becoming increasingly familiar names in the ammunition marketplace. The Richburg, South Carolina based company has traditionally been a specialist manufacturer in the international military and law enforcement arena. Now, born of years of the custom engineering and supply demands of sovereign military and law enforcement agencies, the company is introducing to the North American consumer market a broad range of ammunition products.

NiPac new generation ammunition from Chesapeake Cartridge Corporation is a classic flow-through from aerospace and military research and development. From advanced material properties to precision engineering, NiPac sets a new benchmark in high performance ammunition manufacture. NiPac offers extraordinary performance benefits and other advantages.

NiPac ammunition is lighter, stronger, faster, and more accurate as the result of state-of-the-art cartridge case metallurgy, advanced design in internal ballistics, and precision manufacturing processes.

NiPac cartridge cases eject cool to touch – the material properties of the case considerably reduce heat transfer, allowing for improved weapon cycling, even in extreme circumstances.

– NiPac nickel alloy stainless cylinders are up to 50 per cent lighter than brass, offer increased powder capacity, a more consistent burn, and faster, cleaner, more accurate performance!

– NiPac has a much higher tensile strength and more elasticity than brass. The product is less likely to split, chip, crack or fail, and is perfect for +P and +P+ loads.

A significant edge

The development of NiPac was underwritten by the search for a solution to the long standing basic concern of the infantryman – weapon jams. There is no more critical expectation of flawless performance than in offensive and defensive semi and fully automatic machine gun operations. With the best weapon husbandry in the world, an experienced operator knows that with friction, heat, and the residues of unavoidable sustained fire, a weapon jam becomes progressively likely.

Until now. With NiPac the risk of a potentially disastrous weapon jam becomes of minimal concern, even in the most extreme circumstances. Additionally, the lighter weight of NiPac ammunition gives the operator a significant edge in mobility and maneuverability.

Universal benefits – all weapon types

In the development of NiPac it became clear that new design and manufacturing potentials were at hand for all rifle and handgun ammunition. It was clear that performance properties of the materials, as well as the increased internal volume of the cartridge case, presented new opportunities for the management of propellant power and the refinement of internal ballistics.      

Early trade media reviews of handgun ammunition were unanimous in hailing the benefits of the technology as sufficiently significant to flag a credible, possibly inevitable replacement for brass in ammunition manufacture.

It was noted that in addition to the product’s performance benefits, the two-piece nickel alloy and aluminum cartridge case has the advantage relative to brass of predictability in price and availability.

Blazing the trail

Chesapeake Cartridge Corporation is blazing the trail with a production shift to NiPac across a full range of ammunition types and calibers for the consumer market. This includes Chesapeake’s flagship NiPac range ammunition described as “a match grade product at a cost suitable for day-to-day use”.

The Chesapeake NiPac range also includes NightHawk™ and Valkyr™ advanced subsonic ammunition which features the company’s proprietary SonicFit™ sound management system.

Visit to check out the range of Chesapeake ammunition. NiPac is being progessively introduced across calibers during 2017–2018.

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