Try NiPac now! Stock of Chesapeake’s flagship precision engineered 9x19mm +P NiPac range ammunition is ready for immediate shipment. Chesapeake NiPac new generation ammunition is a classic flow-through from aerospace and military research and development. From advanced material properties to precision engineering, NiPac sets a new benchmark for quality and value in high performance ammunition manufacture. NiPac offers extraordinary performance benefits and other advantages. Share a few rounds with friends – tell us what YOU think. NiPac will progressively become available in a wide range of hand gun and rifle calibers. Here are some key NiPac benefits:

– NiPacartridge cases eject cool to touch – the material properties of the case considerably reduce heat transfer, allowing for improved, improved weapon cycling, even in extreme circumstances.

– NiPac nickel alloy stainless cylinders are up to 50 per cent lighter than brass, offer increased powder capacity, a more consistent burn, and faster, cleaner, more accurate performance!

– NiPac has a much higher tensile strength and more elasticity than brass. The product is less likely to split, chip, crack or fail, and is perfect for +P and +P+ loads.


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Hi there! Chesapeake offers high performance, precision-engineered ammunition at everyday prices – simply the best for less. Take the top performing products and brands in the ammunition industry and we’ll supply an equivalent, or quite likely higher performing product at less cost.